Great care has been taken to develop educational programs and curricula that are consistent with appropriate criteria and standards

Our programs and curricula have been developed to meet the needs of the students. Healing Hands Institute has been designed to attract high caliber students who are academically able and who are motivated to become contributing members of society. We remain sensitive to the needs of the medical community, and strive to produce graduates with the skills and abilities required in today’s workforce.

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If you are looking for a career that is in high demand, then consider either our HHA and/or Phlebotomy certifications. Our programs prepare you for the work you will perform once you get hired and make you a competitive candidate among graduates in the same field. The HHA program is a 3 weeks (75 hours) program that will get you earning money fast. The Phlebotomy program is similarly quick, being 10 weeks long (210 hours). Call our admissions department today to schedule a tour of the school and request additional information. We look forward to meeting you.


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Deeper, Easier Breathing with Massage Therapy

Breathing is automatic Breathing is a natural function that we ignore as we go about our daily, busy lives. Rarely do we even give it a second thought. But did you know that most of us are breathing incorrectly? And that this incorrect way of breathing can have a variety of long term health effects? […]

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Massage therapy: An Effective Preventative Medicine Tool

When we participate in activities that are aimed at reducing our risk of a threat to our health, we are essentially participating in preventative practices. Prevention encompasses various efforts from taking your vitamins every day to getting medical check ups on a yearly basis. Massage therapy is an activity that is being included more and […]


What does a HHA do?

For many elderly patients a HHA is the solution because living alone can help foster a need for independence; however, it may become increasingly difficult. Everyday tasks may not be as easy to perform and they may require some additional assistance and daily supervision. Similarly, caring for an aging or sick loved one can be […]

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Using Massage Therapy to Combat the Effects of Stress

Massage therapy is usually synonymous with pampering. It is something that someone gives as a gift for your birthday or mother’s day; something that represents a luxury, an “extra” in your life. But few understand that the right massage actually has many health benefits and should be included as part of your usual health regimen. […]

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Becoming a Medical Assistant

A Medical Assistant is an Integral Part of a Healthcare Team Becoming a medical assistant is a great career option if you are looking to work in the healthcare field. Medical assisting allows you to carry out important medical tasks such as collecting vital signs while also taking care of administrative tasks such as collecting information […]


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